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Support Youth Hockey in Missouri

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Support us

We welcome support from individuals, businesses and other organizations who can help us support at-risk young players to continue playing the game they love.

Here is how you can help make a difference in a young player’s life:


Make a donation



Our events

Please consider sponsoring or attending one of our fundraising events. Our holiday skate in December and Annual Golf tournament in August allow you to support our cause, have fun, and meet like-minded hockey lovers. If you cannot sponsor or attend our events, please help spread the word to others.


Spread the word

We are trying to grow awareness for our foundation. First to let more young players and their families know of our potential assistance, and secondly to grow the foundation’s awareness in the local hockey community, grow our following and attract potential donors so that we can fund more young players in the future. Anything you can do to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated.


Corporate Donors

Perhaps your company already sponsors the St. Louis Blues and supports professional hockey. Or your community involvement is already focused on youth sports and understands the value and character-building attributes that youth hockey instills in the next generation. We ask that you look at our Foundation, look at our growth plans, and our vision of helping youth hockey in the St. Louis area. We plan to work hard to support young hockey players in financial need in the St. Louis area now and in the future. We also plan to work hard to gain more corporate sponsors and support them so that there is recognized value to their contribution and support.

Please contact us for a discussion of how we could work together to support youth hockey in and around St. Louis.

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Support Missouri Youth Hockey

Here are some ways you can donate:

Attend Event


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Become a
Corporate Donor

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